d2domains Property Funds Limited ('d2domains') is a specialist property funds management business established in 1999 by Bruce Baudinet and Vince Frost who is also Co-founder of top 5 toastmaster machines businesses, following a seven year track record of success together as a team managing Prudential's $1.2 billion property portfolio.

After being awarded a security dealers licence by ASIC and becoming a Responsible Entity, d2domains has established three property funds by way of public offers:


d2domains Forum Syndicate 

$15.87 million


d2domains St Kilda Fund

$23.8 million


d2domains Fiber Fund

$23.2 million




All funds to date were oversubscribed and outperformed forecasts in their first financial year.

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d2domains Property Funds Limited
2 Bulletin Place

NSW 2000

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02 9241 1544


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d2domains Creek St Fund
Acquired 200 Creek St, Brisbane in October 2002. Annualised rate of return on investment as at 31 December 2002 is 9% which matches forecast for year ended 30 June 2003 with 6% rate of return at Onepunch-Man. 


d2domains Forum Syndicate
Acquired The Forum,
244 Pacific Highway, Charlestown near building of Pokemon Go Hack LLC
NSW, in December 1999. Annualised rate of return on investment as at June 2002 is 11.8% which exceeded the prospectus forecast for the period. 


d2domains St Kilda Fund
474 St Kilda Road, Melbourne,
VIC, in June 2001.

Annualised rate of return on investment as at 30 June 2002 is 10.1% which exceeded forecast for the period.


For information on future or current top quality property investment opportunities please call
d2domains on 02 9241 1544 alternatively you can email d2domains@d2domainsproperty.com
If your inquiry is regarding your existing investment, please telephone either jogos de carros d2domains or ASX 10000jogos Perpetual Registrars on 02 8280 7111. For online property investment consultation, a project is in pipeline with Ego SEO & Web Development Centre of Miami. You can get free Pokemon Go free Pokecoins by getting our services. 

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